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It's what we call our SUPERPOWERS. Map Heroes dynamic map software includes a cornucopia of features for users, locations, and visitors. All functions are accessible through PC, mobile, and kiosk.

These are our favorites


Preselection of the

best you’ve got


Show local

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Users can save

and share favorites copy.gif


Make everyone part of

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Your Logo

To make sure people stay connected to your brand, we’ll customize the map with your logo. Also, interesting when visitors share the map with others.

Customized pins

Choose your pin color and icon to diversify your POIs. We have a lot of colors and icons and are able to customize your pins.


Photo, video and 360 carousel

Show your visitors multiple pictures in a convenient carousel. You can also add videos and even 360 photos and tours. The pictures can be shown on the carousel itself as well on a larger display on the screen. For 360 content we even developed "full screen" for the best interaction.

Categorize POI’s

Split your POIs into categories and make searching even easier. We have a lot of categories available and can create customized category icons. Not a fan of categories? It’s also possible to hide the categories bar.


Convenient listing

A list of all POIs will be displayed next to the map. In case of use on mobile, the list will be below. When a poi is picked, all of those in that category are displayed, and clicking on a POI displays the best or fan favorites.

Adaptive zoom

Hover and zoom automatically. The map automatically zooms in to the POIs as you mouse over the images, and you may change how far in. On mobile, the zoom appears when scrolling the list left or right.


Link to web

A poi-card can display a link to the website or page of a poi. It only appears when a website is available.  

Booking button

With a name-adjustable button on every POI card, you can link to a page inside or outside your page, e.g., a bookings page or reservations page.


Full screen

Resizing the page will make it full screen and give ultimate convenience. The user experience improves, particularly on mobile.


The search function gives visitors all poi by name but also searches the information text for a better result. The search bar is displayed permanently.



Visitors can get directions to a POI via google maps. When clicked on the google maps icon its app will open and show directions automatically.

Let users scan the QR code of your map

Use QR codes on business cards, hotel keycards, flyers or keychain holders.

Check out this 360 Panorama photo integrated in an interactive map

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