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Explore some cities, islands or hotels and feel what it's like!

Large Destination Map

Example: Curaçao

As a Caribbean destination, you want to show beautiful hotspots like beaches and culture. The integrated 360 panoramas give an exclusive look at these places. Your visitor can also explore all island's activities like restaurants and boat trips. A unique category: Insta. The Instagram hotspots of the Caribbean island are an excellent tool for the youth chasing the best insta-spots. 

Resort Map

Example: Blue Bay golf & beach resort

The resort has a combination of residences and holiday guests. They offer an interactive map to resort visitors to provide a clear overview. With several restaurants, hotspots, and a golf course, it's a welcome gesture to feel at home immediately.

Small Destination Map

Example: Texel informatie

Texel informatie offers videos and virtual tours to hotels on Texel, and integrates them into this interactive map. The map is an often-visited web page for people exploring the island before they visit. 

Location Map

Example: Camping Map

MapHeroes also provides customized location maps. These show all the locations of a brand, organization or business. Below we created an example of a map showing camping sites around Switzerland. Through the map, users can also directly book a spot at the camping site of their choice.

Hotel Map

Example: Avila Beach Hotel

Offering many destinations, MapHeroes also provides a customized Hotel map. Avila beach hotel on Curaçao uses the Curaçao interactive map. It is then customized to only show their hotel with a pin that is always visible. It opens on a specific chosen area. It allows the hotel to show their guests everything there is to do in the surrounding of the hotel.