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Find out all possibilities for your interactive map

On your website

The most common use of an interactive map of your destination is embedded on your website. You are allowing visitors to explore your destination. 

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On a phone

Everybody has a mobile phone, so we developed interactive maps mobile friendly. It automatically changes to the mobile version when opened on a mobile device.


As a QR code


Offering QR codes at your destination can help visitors instantly open the interactive map and start exploring.


Touchscreen Kiosk

In addition to the many possibilities on desktop and mobile, the interactive maps are a great experience on touchscreen kiosks.


Hotel lobbies, air- and cruise ports and offices

Show your visitors the interactive map on a touchscreen kiosk. A customized map can show all POIs in the neighborhood. By scanning the QR-code visitors can pen the interactive map on their mobile device.

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The interactive map is a perfect tool to use at trade shows. Visitors can explore your destination themselves, or guides can show them around.


With a QR-code the interactive map can be easily transferred to a mobile phone.

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